Every year Lodges in Germany, and often elsewhere around the world, close down for two months – usually July and August – for a brief Dark Period, when they do not meet officially or work together. These are our two holiday months, when brethren rest, learn, and recuperate after a full Masonic year of work. In the present climate, where health and safety concerns are uppermost in our thoughts, that Dark Period is much longer. We do, however, continue with our Masonic work privately, prepare for the new Masonic year as best we can, and keep an eye open for both new Candidates, and for good causes which deserve our attention, through charity work.

For this Lodge, the new Masonic year begins with a special celebration, where the new Master of the Lodge and his Officials are installed into their various Stations and Positions, in September. The year ends and begins, though, with a remembrance of the founding of the first Grand Lodge in London, where several English Lodges came together to form what we now consider to be the most modern era of Freemasonry, where a new order came into the movement, and it began to spread across the world, seeking like-minded men, and women. This date, 24 June, is both the official date of the founding of that first Grand Lodge, and the celebratory day of St. John the Baptist, one of the holy Saints of Freemasonry.

Despite this Dark Period, Lodges work on the advancement of the Masonic Ideals, and seek those who have an interest in joining and advancing both themselves, and Freemasonry itself. Whereby, no one goes out and accosts interesting potential members on the street, or door-to.do, but watch and assess their suitability as upstanding men of good standing. Those who appear to be of suitable character are invited to join us, and to learn more about Freemasonry through person contact and an open exchange of information, opinions, and experience.

Likewise, those who feel a pull towards the Masonic ideals are welcomed in their inquiries into Freemasonry. Should the ideals of Freemasonry, the close friendships which it brings, and the good work which springs from this close and careful work, appeal to you, then feel free to ask, without any sense of obligation to join, for more information.