The American Canadian Grand Lodge held its semi-annual communication in Bad Kissingen on Saturday 26 November. In attendance from Benjamin Franklin Lodge were the VWBro. Jonny Henke, DDGM, VWBro. Ruland Schmitz PDDGM and WBro. Adam An-tAthair-Síoraí, WM.

The semi-annual communication consisted of a series of lectures on secretarial matters, duties, the historical foundation of the five constituent Grand Lodges within the United Grand Lodges of Germany, Masonic ritual and practice in addition to discussion and the presentation of the ongoing finances for the present year. In the latter case, the Grand Treasurer showed that the finances of the Grand Lodge remain in good order and within budget, with minor overcharges to the proposed budget from April in one or two areas due to unavoidable circumstances.

The semi-annual communication provided all those in attendance with the opportunity to renew friendships, catch up on new from individual Lodges spread across Germany and elsewhere, and make new friends with first time visitors, new Officers and visiting brethren. It also allowed the three members of our Lodge an opportunity to visit Bro. William at home again, and confirm that he is in good spirits if not in the best of health.

A full report on the semi-annual communication will be given by the WM at the next Stated Communication. The next Annual Communication of the American Canadian Grand Lodge is set for 27 – 29 April 2017 (inclusive), in Bad Kissingen.